Mission Statement of the Dana Point 5th Marine Regiment Support Group

The charitable purpose of our Dana Point 5th Marine Regiment Support Group is to provide support and outreach for the benefit of our Wounded, Families of our Fallen, and active duty Marines, Sailors and Families of the 5th Marine Regiment at Camp Pendleton and Wounded Warrior Battalion West. In accordance with this trust, we strive to fill in the gaps of what our Marine Corps provides and keep the morale high of our Brave Defenders and their loved ones.

As an entirely volunteer “Boots on the Ground” organization, we proudly tout that we have zero salaries and every penny donated goes entirely to those we serve. 

The Dana Point 5th Marine Regiment Support Group (DPMRSG) Board of Directors is comprised of citizens who reside in the Dana Point area that willingly devote substantial time and talent to achieve goals that will benefit active duty Marines, Sailors and their families who are members of the 5th Marine Regiment. The DPMRSG conducts fundraisers to obtain dollars and/or materials needed by the 5th Marine Regiment wherever they are deployed or for their families in need of assistance that are residing in Camp Pendleton or nearby housing areas.  Our mission could not be accomplished without the support of many individuals, local businesses, corporations, civic associations and the City of Dana Point.

Help is also needed in the form of “hands on” volunteerism to our various committees.  Contact us to determine how you can get involved and give back to our Marines and sailors who are making the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country safe by fighting for our freedom.

Our Warriors are fighting with great honor and sacrifice.  The Fifth Marine Regiment is assigned as the lead Regiment for Crisis Response should U.S. ground forces be required. 


Ever ready to answer the nation’s call, the “Fighting Fifth” is recognized as the Marine Corps’ most highly decorated regiment.  For these men, duty, honor and country are more than words.

They are a way of life.