Lt. Vincent R. Capodanno Memorial Chapel

DPMRSG raised funds to restore the Lt Capodanno Chapel at San Mateo, home of the 5th Marines at Camp Pendleton.  The Father Capodanno chapel is a historic gem which is badly aged and in disrepair.  Servant of God Vincent Robert Capodanno (Feb 13, 1929 – Sept 4, 1967) was a United States Navy Roman Catholic chaplain and a posthumous recipient of America’s highest military decoration — the Medal of Honor — for actions during the Vietnam War.

 Heather Bohm Tallman Photography

The Lt Capodanno Chapel is a non-denominational Church which was named after this American Hero. The Capodanno Memorial Chapel serves Marines and their families.  It is a house of worship, and it provides educational seminars and training courses.  Through its ministry of benevolence, the Chapel hosts Sunday night barbecues and dinners for the Marines.

Sadly, the Capodanno Memorial Chapel was slated to be torn down due to its aged condition.  The Dana Point 5th Marine Regiment Support Group rescued this historic gem from its unfortunate plight and provided funds for renovations. With gift approval, our work could finally commence. Through vigorous efforts, renovation of the Chapel began in April 2017.   Our support group worked closely with the Marines who provided labor and construction expertise.  

We are privileged to say that this transformation has taken place and this house of worship now has the dignity befitting all those Marines and families who give such selfless sacrifice.

It took the generosity of so many people throughout our community to bring this vision to a reality.  With donations from Friends of the Fifth, including the Knights of Columbus at St Edward the Confessor Catholic Church in Dana Point, we are pleased to announce that the Chapel now includes new window shades to control the lighting and minimize the heat inside the chapel.  New carpet was installed in the chapel and offices. Ceramic tile was laid in the vestibule, bathroom, kitchenette and newly constructed storage rooms. Pews were sanded and re-stained. Lastly, sacred religious adornments were donated from churches around the Southern California area. 

We would be privileged if you joined us in our mission of the continued restoration of this Capodanno Memorial Chapel to ensure its function and beauty it deserves.  

The Lt Capodanno Chapel has great historical and spiritual value. The Dana Point 5th Marine Regiment Support Group has been honored to be at the tip of the spear in renovating this beautiful Chapel. 

Heather Bohm Tallman Photograph

Refurbished pews and altar add dignity to this historical gem

Blessed Sacrament Chapel

Marines learn early on, from boot camp, that the Navy Corpsman was the most vital man in their unit. The Marines believe that a Marine Rifleman is the most effective weapon on the battlefield and the Navy Corpsman kept them alive and fighting. God Bless our Navy Corpsmen.

The Lt. Vincent R.Capodanno Memorial Chapel is located aboard Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base, CA. The Chapel is in the San Mateo section (Area 62) of the northern portion of Camp Pendleton (adjacent to the city of San Clemente and accessed via the Cristianitos Gate). From San Mateo Road, the Chapel is at the corner of “E” and 7th Streets.