Crisp Super Bowl

Crisp Super Bowl 2024

For the past 12 years, Gary and Julie Crisp have had the honor of hosting a Super Bowl Party for the Marines of the 5TH Marine Regiment at Camp Pendleton as well as Veterans from the local community. Each Super Bowl Party has been a time of camaraderie and team building for these Marine and Veterans. As a Vietnam Veteran, I can honestly say that this type of community support for our military personnel and Veterans is truly priceless!

Every Super Bowl Party has been a tremendous success and we have been humbled by the many thank you letters received from the Marines, Veterans and their families. We are grateful that we achieved our goal of providing fun, camaraderie and relaxation for our Marines and Veterans. Shortly after the party in the past, many of the Marines who attended have been deployed. The party provides a great day and lifelong memories for these fine young individuals. Our objective has been to provide an experience they will never forget!

The plans for the 2024 13th Annual Super Bowl party are underway and it will be our grandest ever! We are planning to have over 300 Marines and at least as many Veterans celebrating the Super Bowl. Veterans from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard will be in attendance as well as several special guests. There will be lunch and dinner, live bands and a variety of events throughout the day that include some fantastic grand prize giveaways. This will all be very exciting for our guests.

However, an event like this does not happen without help from extraordinary people and companies with big hearts. It takes a great deal of advanced planning and preparation to create a successful event. It also requires funding. Your past support has been very much appreciated.
Please consider making a donation to support the upcoming 2024 13th Annual Super Bowl Party. With your donation, comes an invitation to attend the party and all the festivities. Become a part of this event by getting to know our wonderful Marines and Veterans and witnessing the difference you are making in their lives.

This is the time of year when donations are solicited for worthwhile causes. It is also a time when many of you will send candy or other gifts to Veteran groups like the American Legion and VFW. Please consider including the 2024 13th Annual Super Bowl Party as a part of your holiday giving for 2024. These young men and women have volunteered and admirably serve our country. What better gift than to provide a day of fun and festivities for our deserving Marines and Veterans!

Please take a moment to donate and share in creating the memories of the 2024 13th Annual Super Bowl Party special event. Witness the smiles, the sports and the gathering. Join us at this exciting, touching event. Your donation can make a difference at our upcoming event and how rewarding it is to take part in creating lasting moments for our courageous Marines and Veterans.
We wish you, your family and your staff continued good health and happy holidays!