PAST EVENT JUNE 2015: 5th Marines Commanding Officer Colonel Jason Q Bohm's De-Brief at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point

On June 9, 2015 at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point, Colonel Jason Bohm, USMC, Commanding Officer of the SP-MAGTF, addressed the public about the mission accomplished by he and the 2,300 marines who recently returned from a seven-month deployment to the Middle East.

Colonel Bohm reported on the SPMAGTF –CC-CR (“Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force-Crisis Response –Central Command”) activities while in-country. The SP-MAGTF’s movements, thus far, have been kept classified to a great extent, but the Colonel, via a multi-media presentation, explained how important their participation was in the fight against ISIS and other terrorist organizations in that area of the world.

You will be duly impressed with Col Bohm's one hour presentation. He details the intricate, impressive strategy and execution of a coalition of our Military forces. Our Nation should be proud and take assurance in the stellar performance of our Military and know that America is in good hands.

Our 5th Marine Regiment will deploy again as part of a SMAGTF in the March/April 2016 time frame under Col Ken Kassner, current Commander of the 5th Marine Regiment.  The activities described in this video are now considered the "new normal" for war fighting in these turbulent times.  Should another Bengazi take place somewhere in the Middle East, our SMAGTF will be ready to answer the Nation's call.