“Operation Joining Forces” Adopt a Marine and his Family

ALL Marines have Been Adopted for this Deployment Cycle.
Thank you for your Support!

How You Can Get Involved...

You can Adopt a Marine and their family while deployed to the Middle East.

Our Fighting Fifth Marines will soon be deployed on a Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force (SPMAGTF) to the Middle East.  Families will say "Farewell" and be separated for nine long months.  Babies will be born, children will graduate, birthdays will be missed and challenges at home will need to be met in the days, weeks and months with their Marine stationed across the world.

With this in mind, The Dana Point 5th Marine Regiment Support Group has created a program called "Operation Joining Forces" where you can adopt a single Marine or a Marine and his family while he is deployed.  Sentiment for our Military is high and Patriotism extends across the country. It does not matter what State you live in. You can make a difference in the lives of our brave heroes who will be serving for 9 months in the Middle East.

In this adoptive relationship you can be creative, for example:

  • You may send goodies boxes and write letters to your Marine while “in-country.”
  • At the same time, for those who have a family left behind at Camp Pendleton, you can offer assistance in any way that is needed and determined between you and the family.
  • Anything you can think of to bring a bit of home to your adopted Marine while in harms way at the tip of the spear fighting for our freedom. 

As a nation, we owe our brave service members and their families more than gratitude... We owe them our support.

In the spirit of service, each of us can play a role and in doing so, we may demonstrate our appreciation for the remarkable sacrifices our American Military families are making for our freedom and safety.

“Operation Joining Forces” will match you up with a Marine and his family. The information you provide here will be given to them. You will receive the same information from the Marine and his family. You may make contact at that time.

As stated above, ALL Marines have Been Adopted for this Deployment Cycle, but if you have any questions about “Operation Joining Forces”, please email Sheri Schneringer at Schneringer@yahoo.com.