Family Readiness Officer

Sgt Samuel D. Mac Calla joins the 5th Marines as our Uniformed Readiness Coordinator (URC.)  Command Readiness is a vital part of our unit’s mission to support our Marines, Sailors, and the well-being of our families. While it is the primary responsibility of the individual Marine/Sailor to keep his/her family informed, the URC can assist in this responsibility by providing resource information regarding the many services and programs that are available.


In order to succeed as a military family, a Marine needs to have the right tools. These tools include an understanding of how the military works and an abundant knowledge of resources. Building resilient families, Marines, and Sailors to be prepared for whatever the challenges Marines face is the top priority of the URC.


Every day is a learning experience as a member of the Marine Corps family. The URC is available to help you with a variety of challenges as a communication link and an information and referral resource. This includes the service members, spouses, parents, extended family, friends, and others.